Delivers High-quality Blockchain Solutions
To automate and protect sensitive business transactions, develop, integrate, and roll out customised blockchain projects.

Explorers We've Built

BlocksScan is a EVM Compatible Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for EVM Networks.

Decentralized RPC Network

BlocksScan welcomes you to BLOCKSRPC - the fastest, free, and most reliable Decentralized RPC endpoint for Web3.

Our Offerings

BlocksScan helps companies to critically examine the value of blockchain to their business, and ensures business and technical success of distributed ledger projects.

Consulting on DLT approaches & analysis of goals and objectives

Advising on technology options and current technical landscape.

Blockchain Workshops

Bringing clients' ideas to life by organizing workshops to intensively experiment with available blockchain technologies and tools.

Building new products and services

From ideation and prototyping to MVP and finished products.

Distributed and decentralized Applications

Building trusted trading solutions and distributed applications through comprehensive analysis and proven development methodologies and frameworks.

Integration Services

Solutions for seamless integration of blockchain products into existing business processes. Integration with enterprise applications and platforms ranging from cloud technologies and KYC/AML providers to exchanges.

Modernizing and re-engineering legacy systems

Re-engineering legacy systems for efficiency gains, increased speed, and better outcomes. Ensuring painless transition, minimizing business disruption, and reducing risk.

Blockchain Across Industries

Our cross-industry expertise allows us to deliver high-quality blockchain solutions in complex and independent enterprise environments.

Blockchain Insurance

Improve underwriting accuracy, reduce administrative costs, streamline operations, and prevent fraud.

Financial Services

Simplify complex intermediary functions in the industry.

Retail and Logistics

Bring trust, simplicity, and transparency to processes.

Travel and Hospitality

Make the transportation environment safe and secure, speed-up transactions, and improve customer satisfaction.

Media and Entertainment

Disrupt current revenue and digital supply chain models.

iGaming Industry

Bring security, fairness, and trust to the online gaming industry.

Ecosystem Partners

In the world of partnerships, an ecosystem is a network of partners a business creates and nurtures to create new market opportunities.

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